Twelve Best Travel Destinations Vegan People Will Surely Love

Traveling while following a restrictive diet can be difficult especially for vegan people. Because wherever you go, you’ll be bombarded with meat and seafood cuisine in every blink of an eye. But for vegans out there, worry no more because you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are twelve vegan-friendly travel destinations you’ll surely love to visit. Let’s dive in!

  • Scotland

  • If you happen to stumble upon Scotland, don’t forget to visit cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow. These cities are known for their famous nachos to their mouthwatering gelato-topped waffles.
  • New York City

  • The Big Apple is famous for its dairy-heavy products, but that doesn’t mean that vegans can’t enjoy traveling here. New York is also equipped with some flavorful veggie cuisine as well. For first-timers in New York City, check out Blossom or Avant Garden, they have fine dining options with a menu made with vegans in mind.
  • India

  • India is also known for its delicious vegan food. Cuisines such as vegetable curries, roti bread, masala dosa, vegetable biryani, aloo puri, and momos are just one of the few of their veggie-filled products. Keep in mind that cows are sacred in India, which is why dairy have a vital role in the Indian diet. If you want to have your food completely meat-free, don’t hesitate to ask the chef to use oil as an alternative while cooking your meal. When shopping at supermarkets or grocery stores, check the label to see if the product is made for vegetarians.
  • Middle East

  • In case you didn’t know, almost all of your vegan dishes originated from the Middle East. Pita bread, hummus, falafel, and sambusak just to name a few are this country’s specialty. Tel Aviv, a city in the Middle East, is also deemed as the vegan capital of the world. The city also has a “World’s Largest Vegan Festival” that offers vegan cuisine and food tours that you’ll surely enjoy.
  • Taiwan

  • Traveling into Taiwan and you will find that being vegan is grounded in their culture, especially Buddhism and Taoism. So if you visit their restaurants, you’ll find plenty of vegan dishes on their menu. Food also come in large portions which is really a bang for your buck.
  • California

  • San Francisco, LA, and San Diego have restaurants filled with vegan options. Not only that, but they also had 160 restaurants that are exclusive for vegan people. This state is filled with people such as animal-rights activities and health-conscious. So for vegans, this place will feel like home for you.
  • Thailand

  • Thailand chefs often use coconut milk for their creamy recipes. Instead of meat, they use tofu or veggies so that vegans can enjoy whatever meal they have in store. Don’t forget to try out their authentic coconut soup, spring rolls smothered in peanut sauce, and stir-fry.
  • Mexico City, Mexico

  • If food trip comes into mind, then Mexico is just the place for that. Although they often hide lard and dairy, if you want Mexican food that’s entirely vegan? Then this place is worthy for a vacation.
  • Bali, Indonesia

  • Colorful veggie meals you want? Then say hello to Bali, Indonesia. Vegan dishes in Bali are full of color and almost too pretty to eat. Their creativity when it comes to preparing dishes never fails to amaze.
  • London, England

  • Fans of Gordon Ramsey will know that he opened up a pizzeria in London that serves vegan pizza. Not only that, there are so many vegan restaurants to choose from that you can sight around every corner. Want to try fancy vegan dining in London? Don’t forget to visit the VanillaBlack dinner where they offer entirely meat-free and dairy-free meals paired with wine and appetizers.
  • Paris, France

  • Paris isn’t actually known to have vegan dishes, but there are some of their famous cuisines with vegan versions of it. Croissants, coffee cakes, and crème brûlée all have vegan versions that you’ll surely love.
  • Portland, Oregon

  • Portland is often considered as the vegan capital of the USA. This is because they offer high-quality vegan meals that can be found in every corner of the city, strip clubs are no exception. It’s like almost all of their eateries and diners serves plant-based meals that you don’t even know where to start because there are just so many of them to choose from.

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