Top Three Travel Perks for 2019

Looking for the best travel deals for 2019? Then look no further than this article. Not all travel deals are bad, some of them can benefit not just you, but also the whole family. These travel perks listed below will make your travel escapade a little less expensive. So what are you waiting for? Continue reading down below.

  1. Free Flights for Kids at Frontier Airlines

  • Traveling alone can be costly, how much more when you bring the whole family with you. But cast your worries away with Frontier Airlines! This 2019, they are offering an unbelievable deal for your kids. Children under the age of 15 are free-of-charge this year.
  • But before that, you have to sign up for Discount Den for a yearly subscription of $59.99. Discount Den has lots of exclusive flight deals that you can take advantage all year long.
  • There are some special rules and restrictions with this deal though including:
  • Must purchase an adult ticket
  • Babies and Toddlers aren’t part of the promo
  • Only specific days are available where you can get free tickets for your kids
  • Checked bags and seat selections are still charged
  • If Frontier Airlines isn’t available in your area, you can check your local airlines instead and see if they have any special promos available.
  1. Get a Travel Discount with American Forces Travel

  • If you’re an active or retired military, then American Forces Travel is here to help you get the most out of your travel needs. The discount covers a wide range of travel perks including discounts for hotels, airfare, car rentals, vacation packages, cruises, and more for military people. If you aren’t part of the military but still want to take advantage of such discounts, use a travel rewards card to avail them.
  1. Birthday Perks

  • Tired of spending your birthday at your home? Say goodbye to boring birthday celebrations at Destination Hotels. The hotel offers a 20% discount if you book your accommodation through their site in your birthday month. Not only that, but you can also score some bonus discount perks on birthday sweets and desserts too.
  • Enjoy theme parks? Legoland offers free admission to kids under the age of 12 on their birthday. Now that’s the best way to spend a birthday! Disneyland also has a few birthday perks for kids including free drinks, pixie dust, and a trip to the Magical Express Bus that tours around the area. They also prioritize kid birthday celebrants by letting them skip in line to get some free dessert.

Travel perks are everywhere as long as you know where to look for one. You can also get a top travel credit card to get extra points that can be used for discounts and promos when available. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and have a joyful journey this 2019.

About the author: Virginia J. Waller

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