Top Ten Wonders of Switzerland Every Traveler Will Surely Love to Visit

Planning to spend your vacation in Switzerland? Then this article is for you. Switzerland is the home of one of the most scenic mountain ranges in the world, the Alps. It’s the perfect place to venture the great outdoors as its full of lakes, waterfalls, and other outdoor activities whatever the season.

Switzerland is also full of exquisitely eye candy towns that showcases the Swiss architecture and stunning views no other cities can beat. With that being said, here are the top ten beautiful places to visit in Switzerland.

  • Appenzell

  • This place is located at the Northeastern part of Switzerland just at the foot of the Alps. Appenzell is a rural town that’s surrounded by beautiful hills. The town’s total population is about 7000 and cars are out of sight so you have to use bicycles to roam around or just walk by foot. Don’t forget to visit the Appenzell museum or have a taste of their locally-produced Appenzell cheese your taste buds will surely love.
  • Lauterbrunnen

  • For nature loves out there, this town is the perfect place just for you. Mountains are seen all over the place over the village itself. Exploring more in the area and you’ll find lush meadows, stunning valleys, and waterfalls that are really pleasing to the eyes. You can also rent a helicopter to have a bird’s eye view of the whole town and witness its overall beauty.
  • Kandersteg

  • The Kandersteg is a resort village in the Alps. If you enjoy taking a stroll outdoors, then this town is just the place for you. This town is full of lakes, the glacier-fed Lake Oeschinensee and Lake Blausee is a must see just to name a few.
  • Iseltwald

  • Enjoy hiking? Iseltwald is the town for you. This town is one of the most popular hiking spots because it’s filled with lots of hiking trails within the region. Apart from that, there are also water-based activities such as fishing. The town has several traditional-style hotels, a castle, an old harbor, and an island that’s located just offshore.
  • Zermatt

  • If you traveled to Switzerland for skiing purposes, then look no other than Zermatt. The town has 54 mountain railways and chairlifts. Want to unwind after skiing? There are lots of spas, massage centers, restaurants, and cable cars scattered around the place. There are no cars in this town, so you have to get around the area on foot.
  • Grindelwald

  • Grindelwald is a village that also acts like a mountain resort that attracts adventurers such as skiers, rock climbers, and hikers alike. Outdoor activities include cliff walking, Eiger trail hiking, and exploring the great Gletscherschlucht Ravine. The village is small and can be explored by foot so be prepared.
  • Sion
  • Take a dive down history by visiting Sion, an ancient city that’s full of historic places and locally made wine. Don’t forget to check the Old town if you stumble upon this destination. But not only that, but there are also other activities that you can do as well such as skiing, hiking, visiting the music festival, and checking out the basilica inside Valere Castle.
  • Soglio

  • Located at Italy’s Northern Border, Soglio is a town full of cobblestone streets, stunning castles, exquisite mountain views, and unbridled nature. The town can be seen on the edge of the mountainside and offers scenic views of the nearby mountains surrounding it. Hiking lovers will surely love this place thanks to its atmospheric ambiance and eye candy sights to see.
  • Wengen

  • Another resort town that’s located in the Alps is Wengen. From the town, you’ll get fabulous views of the Alps and other mountains in the background such as the Eiger, Jungfrau, and Monch. The best way to get to this town is to take the mountain railway from Lauterbrunnen.
  • Adelboden

  • This village is located near the second tallest waterfall in the whole of Switzerland. In this town, you’ll find traditional chalets and lots of hiking trails and other wellness options. Wellness options include spa houses, multi-sensory showers, footbaths, saunas, and lots of mineral springs to soothe your mind and soul.

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