Things you didn’t know about the Circus Elephant

It is actually a funny story about how Circus Elephants came to be. Hachaliah Bailey who is referred to as the father of the American Circus once bought an elephant to keep as a farm animal. In his mind, he thought that the elephant would be a useful farm animal like a horse. But comically, the elephant ate as much as she could and was all-around useless when it came to being a farm animal. So Bailey decided to take her along with him and charged people around 40 cents to see her. The spectacle was a massive hit as she was the most adorable attraction ever. Bailey realised that he had struck gold; this realisation lead to the inclusion of elephants in the circus scene. That piece of history in itself is a fact; read further to learn more interesting facts about the circus elephant.


Binge Drinking

People think elephants are lazy, but they are boozy. Circus elephants are often treated with the best alcohol that is known to man. When they are free, and there is no show happening, elephants are treated with beer and wine. In case there is a celebration, the circus elephants get Tennessee Whiskey, their favourite choice of alcohol.

The small problem

Cartoons have often depicted the big elephant to be scared of mice. There is a bit of history that actually holds the key to unlocking the myth. Actually, it is not a myth at all. The fact of the matter is that circuses tend to become damp and cramped; due to this, there will be a lot of mice where the elephants rest. The mice tend to gnaw at the hoofs and tails of these mighty creatures, which lead to the elephants getting scared by them because of the discomfort.

Serial Killers

Circus elephants caused a lot of people their lives. These animals are usually expected to stay in an enclosure along with other animals and would be required to train and practice the routine. The problem arises when the caged elephant goes through a hormonal change called musth. Musth leads to male elephants getting 60 times more testosterone than normal; this results in them going into rage mode and destroying everything in their path. A lot of trainers, circus artists and other animals have lost their lives as result of these enraged creatures. Circuses have become wiser and prefer to hire female elephants more than male ones to prevent such occurrences.


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