Have a Fun and Safe Skiing Adventure by Packing These Ski Trip Essentials

Packing your essentials is the most important part when going on a skiing trip. It might be a bit stressful and time-consuming for some, but the afterthought will give you benefits. Keep in mind that winter clothes are bulky and can add weight to your bag. But prioritizing functionality and comfort is essential for a safe skiing trip.

Before you begin, knowing your destination is the first thing you should do. Are you heading to a skiing resort full of shops where you can just buy things just in case you forgot them at home? Or will you be going to an isolated skiing destination with limited resources? Either way, preparing should be your top priority wherever the destination you’re heading to. So what are we waiting for? Here are ski essentials that you should definitely bring with you.

  • Jacket

  • No, we are not talking about normal rain jackets here, we’re talking about winter jackets that fit you well for your skiing adventure. If you don’t have one, it’s better to spend money on it to keep you warm from the cold. Check if it is both waterproof and wind resistant before buying too.
  • Ski Pants

  • Just like your jacket, it’s important to wear a bottom that will keep you warm and dry throughout your adventure. So don’t forget to bring ski pants with you or invest in good quality ski pants in case you don’t have one.
  • Boots

  • In snowy areas, a good pair of snow boots is necessary to keep your feet warm. Don’t forget to check if it is waterproof before buying one. Waterproof boots are ideal to keep you from slipping on icy areas.
  • Gloves & Beanie

  • Cover yourself by bringing gloves and beanie with you. High-quality gloves will keep your hands warm while wearing a beanie will protect your hair from being wet from the snow. For beanies, bring a lighter one that will fit into your ski helmet and another thicker beanie for non-ski activities.
  • Base Layer

  • Wear a base layer that fights right into your body. Wear one that’s lightweight and moisture wicking especially one that is made from merino wool. Depending on how long your skiing vacation is, it’s highly recommended to bring 2-3 base layer sets.
  • Mid Layer

  • Bring a fleece jacket, a long sleeve sweatshirt, or a wool sweater. Use them to act as a mid-layer between your base and jacket.
  • Ski Goggles/Sunglasses
  • Protect your eyes by bringing reliable ski goggles with you. The sun can really blind your eyes especially when you’re on the top of a slope. Anti-Fog ski goggles are highly recommended too which can come in handy in foggy areas.
  • Neck Warmer

  • A neck warmer are sleeker and more reliable compared to scarves. Scarves are bulky and tend to whip around like they have a mind on their own. Neck warmers stay in place and are safer to wear overall.
  • Hand Warmer

  • If gloves aren’t enough, a hand warmer will do the trick to keep your hands from going numb because of the cold.
  • Sunscreen

  • Sounds unusual for winter right? But bringing a sunscreen is definitely a must not just for beaches, but also for your winter skiing adventures. Since you will be covering yourself the entire time, you will only be applying sunscreen on your face to protect it from the heat of the sun.
  • Swimsuit

  • Of course, there’s nothing better than having a dip to the pool on the resort you’re staying in after a whole day of skiing fun. So don’t forget to bring a swimsuit with you, and also a pair of flip flops.
  • GoPro

  • Because smartphones are not ideal to record all the action of your skiing adventure, GoPro is here to save the day. A GoPro is lightweight, handy, and can be mounted to almost anywhere such as on your helmet or skiing pole.

About the author: Virginia J. Waller

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