Eight Simple Tips to Balance School with Travel

Traveling during school breaks can be challenging. You’ll be greeted with overcrowded terminals or airports, with lots of people fighting for those vacation days. This is a challenge that can be a bit hard to get through, especially if you’re in the school system since you are bounded with special conditions and rules that you have to follow.

But at the end of the day, that’s the system. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to manage your desire to travel with the intrusion of school. Being a school teacher and a traveler at the same time needs balance. Don’t let your job stop you from seeking adventure throughout the world.

Not only that, but you should also bring your child too. But wait, your kids are still in school so how can you bring them to your travel escapades? There are lots of rules and regulations when it comes to education and you are concerned about your child falling behind in their lectures. But by following the tips below, you will know how to balance school and travel without letting your child fall behind in their classes.

  1. Know the Rules

  • Before anything else, it’s important to know the school rules of your country before taking your kids on vacation with you. Being aware of the rules will help you plan your travel more effectively and see when is the best time to take your kids with you.
  1. Understand Your Child’s Learning Level

  • Have a child that still struggles at school? maybe it’s still not time to take them to your travel escapades. Unless if they say that they need to unwind or something to exercise their brains out. But if your child is a fast learner, then you can able to let them join on your vacation. Just don’t let them be stressed out while traveling, they still have to catch up lots of lectures when they get home.
  1. Have a Talk with the Teacher or Principal

  • Absent kids mean funding issues for teachers. To let your kid’s teacher calm down, have a talk with them and explain why you need to travel with your kids. Ask if how many schoolwork does your kid need to catch up when he/she is absent. Or better yet, suggest something educational like letting your child make a report about his/her travel experience he/she can share with the class.
  1. Let Your Trips Be Educational

  • Let your travels be an opportunity for your kids to increase their knowledge about the world. Make your trips educational like taking them to museums, local culture, and historic places, live reenactments, etc. For example, if your kid has an assignment about the revolutionary war in school, take them to the Greater Williamsburg area or Boston so they can witness live interactive museums of that era.
  1. Do Your Children’s Schoolwork

  • This will make their life easier once they get back at school. There’s nothing wrong at doing their work as long as you’re willing to do so. Your kids are probably stressed and drained during the vacation so it’s your job to do something that they’ll be glad to.
  1. Add On Days to Term Breaks or Weekends

  • Traveling during school breaks can be expensive, but it can balance the whole school thing. Take advantage of school breaks to add extra days to your vacation with your kids. If there’s a long weekend ahead, book your flights that will exactly make use of the upcoming long weekend.
  1. Travel While They’re Still Young

  • The school curriculum gets more intense and harder as your children get older. So if your kid is still in grade school, grab this opportunity to take them with your travels.
  1. Opt for Homeschooling/Roadschooling if Possible

  • Homeschooling or roadschooling gives your kids more freedom to learn whenever or wherever they want since it’s not tied down to traditional school learning hours. This means that you can travel with your kids whenever you want since you don’t have to worry about keeping track of schedules.

If you think that traveling is bad for your children especially in their younger years, in reality, it’s not. Traveling can, in fact, increase their knowledge about the world around them and will help them learn more about themselves. The way they interact with the world is one thing that will shape them as a person as they grow older. Travel helps your children unleash their creative side, which allows them to use their imagination and make decisions to survive and thrive in this world. With that being said, it will help them achieve more not just in school, but also in life.

About the author: Virginia J. Waller

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