4 Most Common Types of Circus Performances

Circus performers have high level of entertainment skills. They are very different from normal people and they acquire their skills through many years of practice. They put on unusual acts that leave the audience spellbound. Here are some of the common types of circus acts that you will see in most circuses.


It is a very common act you will see in circuses. In fact, whenever you see someone juggling, you associate it with the circus. A juggler can keep a number of objects simultaneously in the air. You will see jugglers using rings, balls or even candles and knives!

Tightrope walking

You will definitely see a performer walking on thin roles suspended many feet above the ground. It is a breathtaking performance and you will be amazed at how they can do such an incredible act.

Performance of clowns

Clowns and circus are synonymous with one another. A clown makes the audience laugh through their acts, costumes, and personality.

Acrobatic performances

You will see the art of body balancing through this performance. You will be astonished seeing the strength, flexibility, and balance of their bodies. You will love to see them dance in groups using synchronized movements.

These performances are going on in circuses for generations. Every time the performers exceed the expectation of the audiences with their outstanding performances. You will love these performances when you go to a circus.

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