3 Reasons Animals Shouldn’t be used in Circuses

Circus is great entertainment. All those colorful props and acrobatic movements of the performers are amazing to look at. Animals are often used in circus performances. While we enjoy looking at them we forget to realize what sufferings these animals have to go through. Here are some reasons why animals should not be used in circuses.

They are stuck inside cages

The circus group has to travel from one place to another to show their performances. On average, they have to travel for 48 weeks every year. The animals need to be transported in cages, so it’s hard for them to move around comfortably. Depending on the distance of the places they go to, they are often caged for 26 hours to 75 hours. This act is very inhuman.

Babies are separated from the parents

It requires many years of training to prepare the animals for the circuses. Often, babies are taken away from their parents at a very young age. They are taken away from their natural environment and are allowed to grow up in solitary environment. As a result, they are unable to show that natural behaviors. They often suffer from depression and anxiety.

The training can be harsh

The animals are often whipped and bitter to make sure that they learn their movements. Punishment is used as a common tool for training. They are sometimes not given enough food or water as a form of punishment so that they learn their tricks. Due to this harsh treatment, many animals suffer from physical disabilities and mental disorders.

It has been a common practice to use animals in circuses. It can be very thrilling to see a lion going through fire or money riding a cycle. But we must remember that these acts don’t come naturally. A lot of hard work and cruelties are behind these tricks. So, we should refrain from using animals in circuses.

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