3 Reasons Animals Shouldn’t be used in Circuses

Circus is great entertainment. All those colorful props and acrobatic movements of the performers are amazing to look at. Animals are often used in circus performances. While we enjoy looking at them we forget to realize what sufferings these animals have to go through. Here are some reasons why animals should not be used in circuses.

They are stuck inside cages

The circus group has to travel from one place to another to show their performances. On average, they have to travel for 48 weeks every year. The animals need to be transported in cages, so it’s hard for them to move around comfortably. Depending on the distance of the places they go to, they are often caged for 26 hours to 75 hours. This act is very inhuman.

Babies are separated from the parents

It requires many years of training to prepare the animals for the circuses. Often, babies are taken away from their parents at a very young age. They are taken away from their natural environment and are allowed to grow up in solitary environment. As a result, they are unable to show that natural behaviors. They often suffer from depression and anxiety.

The training can be harsh

The animals are often whipped and bitter to make sure that they learn their movements. Punishment is used as a common tool for training. They are sometimes not given enough food or water as a form of punishment so that they learn their tricks. Due to this harsh treatment, many animals suffer from physical disabilities and mental disorders.

It has been a common practice to use animals in circuses. It can be very thrilling to see a lion going through fire or money riding a cycle. But we must remember that these acts don’t come naturally. A lot of hard work and cruelties are behind these tricks. So, we should refrain from using animals in circuses.

Top 5 Reasons for Going to a Circus

A circus involves showing unusual acts and outstanding performances by a group of people. It’s extremely entertaining and is loved by people of all ages. Here are the main reasons why you should go to a circus with your family.

It is very entertaining

In a circus you see different acts that actually go beyond your imagination. The performances are simply magical. The performers put in an outstanding performance that enthralls the audience. You will be left with a feeling of joy and excitement.

Demonstration of skills

You won’t have any idea what kind of extraordinary skills people can develop. In a circus, you will see acts that you have never seen before. You will watch people hanging several feet high with their hair only, or walking through thin poles. Their skills are absolutely mesmerizing.


The costumes are a major attraction of the circus. You will see performers wearing colorful and unusual costumes. They look glamorous in these fantastic costumes.

They are funny

You will see clowns in a circus and they are very funny. You will laugh at their performance and it is one of the most entertaining sections of the circus.

Display of flawless teamwork

In a circus, you will see the performers performing as a group. They move in rhythms and never break the line. Their performances are flawless. The coordination of the team is something that will surprise you.

You will get a feeling of huge satisfaction and joy after you attend a circus. The entire performance will give you a high level of adrenaline rush and you will remember this experience for a long time.

4 Most Common Types of Circus Performances

Circus performers have high level of entertainment skills. They are very different from normal people and they acquire their skills through many years of practice. They put on unusual acts that leave the audience spellbound. Here are some of the common types of circus acts that you will see in most circuses.


It is a very common act you will see in circuses. In fact, whenever you see someone juggling, you associate it with the circus. A juggler can keep a number of objects simultaneously in the air. You will see jugglers using rings, balls or even candles and knives!

Tightrope walking

You will definitely see a performer walking on thin roles suspended many feet above the ground. It is a breathtaking performance and you will be amazed at how they can do such an incredible act.

Performance of clowns

Clowns and circus are synonymous with one another. A clown makes the audience laugh through their acts, costumes, and personality.

Acrobatic performances

You will see the art of body balancing through this performance. You will be astonished seeing the strength, flexibility, and balance of their bodies. You will love to see them dance in groups using synchronized movements.

These performances are going on in circuses for generations. Every time the performers exceed the expectation of the audiences with their outstanding performances. You will love these performances when you go to a circus.