Be a Responsible and Eco-Friendly Traveler with These 10 Easy Tips

Every time we travel, it creates a huge impact on our environment. From fuel to plastic use, waste just finds a way to barge in whatever we want to do in our lives. However, this doesn’t mean that we should stop traveling, but to make some little changes as we go along the way.

Being a responsible and eco-friendly traveler can help our environment even in the simplest ways. A little bit of change can create a huge positive impact on the other side of the image. With that being said, here are ten easy tips to make ourselves responsible travelers.

  • Opt for Eco-Friendly Accommodation

  • Hotels all over the world have different environmental seals of approval. So before checking in to a hotel, do some research first and see if they have some in-house sustainability initiatives. Check if they have recycling programs, or do they use energy efficient bulbs, or if they have green laundry standards, etc.
  • Bring Reusable Items

  • Bringing reusable items with you such as silverware, water bottles, or metals straws is a great way to cut down waste while traveling. Not only it helps the environment, but also your wallet as well.
  • Join Local Conservation Programs

  • Whenever you travel, try to join and support local conservation efforts. You can either donate money to charity or engage in small community services. Make traveling fun by being involved in a beach or park cleanup. It’s a great way of saving the environment while traveling.
  • Be Mindful of Your Carbon Footprint

  • In case you didn’t know, your carbon footprint will expand every time you travel, even though you consider yourself green while at home. But worry no more because flight providers these days gives you an option to purchase a carbon credit when you book a ticket. All the money that’s collected from buying these credits goes to reforestation projects and any kinds of other environmental efforts.
  • Eat Local Foods

  • Instead of eating shipped-in food, spend good money by purchasing local foods wherever your travel destination is. Shop in local markets or do some research and sight some sustainable local restaurants nearby.
  • Hire an Eco-Conscious Tour Provider
  • Before flying, sit down and do your research about tour companies that are part of some green initiatives. Lots of companies these days are participating in eco-friendly programs and they are easy to locate just by looking at their website.
  • Be Animal-Aware

  • Watching animals as they are having fun is a pleasant view to see. Things such as interacting directly to wild animals or riding on the back of an elephant are now no longer being tolerated. It’s ok to observe animals as long as we are not impacting their habitat and schedules. It’s always advisable to protect their natural habitats as possible.
  • Opt for Public Transportation

  • If you’re just traveling on your own country, riding public ground transportation will reduce your carbon footprint substantially. It will be time-consuming though, but it’s eco-friendly instead of flying.
  • Souvenir Check

  • Before buying a souvenir, be mindful of checking it first if it benefits the locals or does it have a low environmental impact. Stay away from buying items that are made from Ivory or Coral. Try buying from a local artisan instead of branded souvenir shops.
  • Always Recycle

  • No matter where you go, recycling should always be part of your priority. Most cities abroad have recycling programs that you can take advantage of. If you travel to a destination that doesn’t have one, then recycle on your own by shedding as much packaging as you can beforehand.

About the author: Virginia J. Waller

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