Welcome to Santus Circus!

Who hasn’t been fascinated by circus? It is something that has entertained people for years. Even now, amid all the technologies, people still see a circus. When I was a child, I used to go to a lot of circus events with my parents and each time their performances made me spellbound. I used to feel that I was in a magical world where people can do impossible things.

This blog is written to give a glimpse of the wonderful entertaining world that many people of the modern generation have missed. This industry is not as huge today as it used to be in the past. Technological innovation is one of the major reasons for it. People now have lots of things for entertainment. They can sit home and enjoy their time with the wonderful electronic gadgets. But the charm of the circus is quite different. It cannot be replaced by these electronic gadgets.

The performers at the circus work very hard to become good at what they do. This blog is a tribute to them. Through this blog, I want to encourage the new generation to go and watch the circus. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog.