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*Proudly presents*


Featuring an all new, all human (except the clowns) circus extravagance, Santus Circus returns to 2015 with what could be the best show so far with danger and defiance within nearly every act of the performance!

All the way from Brazil, for their first UK performance and deadly motorbike skills, we present The Rio Riders and their Globe of death! Speed is their only ally in what is thee most dangerous, EDGIEST act to grace the big top. Also bringing the show an edge of your seat act from Romania is Family Cristea, doing a duo high wire act that has made them world famous, its sure to amaze and gasp at, while the younger members of the family present a sense of relief from all the danger with their beautifully skilled double straps act.

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From the Czech Republic returns Nicole and Tony with their fast paced, energetic juggling act and for seconds their deadly knife throwing act, they show that playing with knives is never fun and should only be done by professionals!


Returning for their 4th CONSECUTIVE YEAR and with all new great performances is Duo Roma with amazing talent and edge of your seat skill they take to the air of the Big Top and dominate!We love them and know you, our audience will too.

![santus] (http://s12.postimg.org/sxuwgalnh/mixy4.jpg)

There is so much more EDGE to announce in our 2015 show that its best to leave some surprise and with artists like pole - defying Aggy from Mongolia, aerial ballet with Lucy from the UK and the Santus Family themselves producing all new acts for this year.

![santus] (http://s24.postimg.org/6euepaqqt/mixy2.jpg)

Even OPTIMUS PRIME makes an appearance so its definitely a production to not miss out on!

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*Management reserve the right to change the programme without notice.*

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"It's a fantastic show" Dream 100 (Essex)

"...the honest charm of the original circuses, but with some awesomely modern acts added to the traditional. It was not a sterile, clockwork perfect show, the likes of which you might see in Las Vegas or Dubai. It was better. It was real, raw, beautiful, amazingly talented; and it was right here on my local patch."

*Erin Norman, Independent Minds Live Journal*

"This is theatre-quality stuff" WOW (2015)

"...Olympian athleticism and Royal Ballet-level grace, slung fifty foot in the air, whirled by a toe, or the neck...Magic that stays with you! Sawdust and sequins, lights and hoops, Santus Circus’ show ‘The Edge’ is a unique, thrilling blend of familiar acts delivered in new, breath-gasping ways, family-friendly touches and genuinely death-dazzling feats of physicality."

*Sam Froudist*

**For more information and reservations please call**

07843 884787 or 07952 418487

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